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Nurse–Surgeon Object Transfer: Video Analysis of Communication and Situation Awareness in the Operating Theatre

Article published in the International Journal of Nursing Studies (Available online 22 January 2014). http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0020748914000145 Abstract Background One of the most central collaborative tasks during surgical operations is the passing of objects, including instruments. Little is known about how nurses and surgeons achieve this. The aim of the present study was to explore what factors affect … Continue reading

Improving Communication in the Operating Theatre through Research and Training

This film introduces research on communication in the operating theatre by Professor Roger Kneebone (Imperial College London), Dr Jeff Bezemer (Institute of Education), Professor Gunther Kress (Institute of Education), Ms Kathryn Nicholson (Buck’s University), Dr Terhi Korkiakangas (Imperial College London) and Ms Sharon-Marie Weldon (Imperial College London). The research, ‘Transient Teams in the Operating Theatre, … Continue reading

Systematic Review in British Journal of Surgery

Our systematic review will be published this December in the British Journal of Surgery. You can read the pre-print abstract below. Communication in the Operating Theatre. Weldon, S-M, Korkiakangas, T, Bezemer, J & Kneebone, R. (In press).
 British Journal of Surgery. Background: Communication is extremely important to ensure safe and effective clinical practice. A systematic … Continue reading

18th Qualitative Health Research (QHR) conference

We were fortunate enough to have a poster abstract accepted for the 18th Qualitative Health Research (QHR) conference to be held in Montreal. We had submitted an abstract for the conference during the early stages of the project and therefore didn’t have enough data to submit a paper abstract. However we were happy to have the … Continue reading

Theatre filming to date

We commenced within the operating theatre departments on 24th July and have since recorded ten individual cases within two different operating theatres. The decision to film within differing operating departments materialised from our initial time spent observing. We noted within this time that the two departments were observably different due to their location. The first … Continue reading

6icom – International Conference on Multimodality (London)

We’ve attended the 6icom multimodal conference here in London, hosted by the Institute of Education, and on Thursday we presented our work in progress. We talked about the role of body in communication and how the body positioning and orientation of a scrub nurse, in relation to the surgeon, might have an impact on the communication during operations. Sharon … Continue reading

Cadaver Simulation Day

Cadaver Simulation day 19th July 2012 On the 19th July, Terhi and I were asked to participate in a cadaver simulation day at the Royal College of Surgeons. Originally we were only going to be involved insofar as to give our thoughts and feelings on the day events, however we felt it would be a … Continue reading

“Scissors, Please.” The Practical Accomplishment of Surgical Work in the Operating Theatre.

The focus of this article is on professional activity in the operating theater. We explore how surgeons and nurses organize their activities, how social interaction is used to help structure and define situations, and how differentials in knowledge are constructed and oriented to. We utilize some ideas and concepts from symbolic interactionism, ethnomethodology, and conversation analysis … Continue reading

“Do You Have Another Johan?” Negotiating Meaning in the Operating Theatre.

This paper discusses language use at a workplace in a context of instability and diversity. Its focus is on the operating theatre, where communication is an integral part of complex, collaborative tasks, impacting on patient-safety, staff well-being and overall quality of health care. In the operating theatre health care professionals gather to work on the … Continue reading

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