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Improving Communication in the Operating Theatre through Research and Training

This film introduces research on communication in the operating theatre by Professor Roger Kneebone (Imperial College London), Dr Jeff Bezemer (Institute of Education), Professor Gunther Kress (Institute of Education), Ms Kathryn Nicholson (Buck’s University), Dr Terhi Korkiakangas (Imperial College London) and Ms Sharon-Marie Weldon (Imperial College London). The research, ‘Transient Teams in the Operating Theatre, … Continue reading

18th Qualitative Health Research (QHR) conference

We were fortunate enough to have a poster abstract accepted for the 18th Qualitative Health Research (QHR) conference to be held in Montreal. We had submitted an abstract for the conference during the early stages of the project and therefore didn’t have enough data to submit a paper abstract. However we were happy to have the … Continue reading

Theatre filming to date

We commenced within the operating theatre departments on 24th July and have since recorded ten individual cases within two different operating theatres. The decision to film within differing operating departments materialised from our initial time spent observing. We noted within this time that the two departments were observably different due to their location. The first … Continue reading

Cadaver Simulation Day

Cadaver Simulation day 19th July 2012 On the 19th July, Terhi and I were asked to participate in a cadaver simulation day at the Royal College of Surgeons. Originally we were only going to be involved insofar as to give our thoughts and feelings on the day events, however we felt it would be a … Continue reading

Transient room

Tuesday 3rd July 2012 09:00 We were back to the main theatres again today after arranging with one of the surgeons to see a different location and type of operation that he would perform. When we arrived we recognised a good percentage of the staff and so no formalities were needed. The operation itself was … Continue reading

Laparoscopic screen communication

Wednesday 27th June 2012 09:00 We had arranged to meet one of the surgeons today via e-mail. He advised that it would be beneficial for us to watch two very different types of operations that he performed. The surgeon wasn’t operating himself on this day but instead had a registrar that he was supervising. We recognised … Continue reading

Emergency Burns Simulated video

Video from simulated burns management scenario. Please see the following page for further details regarding the video-recording https://transientteams.wordpress.com/2012/06/22/emergency-management-of-severe-burns-simulation-3/

A different environment

Tuesday 19th June 2012 09:00 2012 Today we had an appointment to meet the sister of some newly renovated theatres. We were told that the teams who worked in these theatres were fairly stable and had worked together for a long period of time. The sister met us in the team room and promptly got … Continue reading

Monday Morning

Monday 18th June 08:45 Monday morning and we headed to theatres again. We were definitely becoming more comfortable in the environment and were once again recognised by some of the theatre staff. We opted to watch an operation that we had seen last week because it was just about to commence and the staff were … Continue reading

Project updates

On the 10th October we facilitated a workshop at the London Deanery on ‘Interprofessional leadership development in the operating theatre; interactional video analysis’ 

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