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Emergency Management of Severe Burns – Simulation

On Wednesday (20th June 2012) we had a burns simulation day at the College organised by a visiting Plastics Registrar. The scenario was based on the emergency management of severe burns in A&E, developed to explore the use of simulation as an educational tool. The scenario involved assessing a burns patient (i.e. an actor with make-up representing burns and injuries) and instigating initial management through a team of participants (nurses, medical students, registrars, consultants) in what was designed to resemble a realistic resuscitation environment. Simulation scenarios are increasingly used in medical and surgical training, and their potential resides exactly in their capacity to create realistic episodes that do not rely on imagination or hypothetical thinking, but rather on real action.

It is not only the settings that are realistic (for example, most of the items used are as found in an emergency room, an ECG machine is created from an IPad, the background is set up visually to recreate the environment of an emergency room or an operating theatre, etc.) but also the way in which the participants to a scenario work as a team as they would do in real settings.

From a social interaction perspective the simulation scenarios are particularly interesting insofar as they offer a glimpse of how a team of professionals might organise their conduct to accomplish, for example, an emergency management of burns. They also offer a demonstration as to how the participants to a scenario orient to these settings and to each other both as actors as well as professionals. Our lovely Sharon participated as a nurse in several scenarios throughout the day and you can see her in action in the photo below!

The following link is a full video-recording of one of the scenarios:




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