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Tuesday 19th June 2012 09:00 2012 Today we had an appointment to meet the sister of some newly renovated theatres. We were told that the teams who worked in these theatres were fairly stable and had worked together for a long period of time. The sister met us in the team room and promptly got us fitted out with scrubs and shoes.

The theatre was much bigger than the others we had seen and was very high-tech. We introduced ourselves and the atmosphere was light-hearted with all members of the team laughing and making jokes. Everyone appeared very at ease with each other and there was a lot more verbal communication than we had previously seen.

The nurses and anaesthetist often looked round and smiled at us. At one point the consultant surgeon made a joke and asked if we were documenting the differences in work being done by him compared to the anaesthetist, everyone laughed.

The operation was a laparoscopic nephroureterectomy and although the procedure appeared quite complex with an array of instruments being used, everyone remained relaxed.

We left the operation half way through and discussed dates we could return with the sister.



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