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Morning at the Orthopedics

Tuesday 12th June 2012 08:30

Yesterday was a good day as we got to know several team members in different theatres – a surgeon, nurses and two anaesthetists. It was really good to get to know people and they seemed quite interested in our project; many also shared their thoughts and feelings about communication and teamwork which was great. This morning, Sharon and I got to the theatres early again. We got to see an orthopedic surgery which meant wearing masks and led gowns because of x-ray machines going around. I’m quite impressed how the staff can wear these gowns for many hours as they are really heavy! The orthopedic surgery is quite fascinating and somewhat different to the operations I’ve seen so far. The surgeons were drilling and nailing a patient’s leg (you literally get a feeling they are fixing people!) and I saw a radiographer operating the x-ray machine first time during an operation. I noted how the participation of the radiographer involves a fluid realignment of eye-gaze between the x-ray screens and the operating surgeons, while the movement of the machine itself involves not only following the instructions from the surgeons but also monitoring their body movement. It’s  great to see how these professionals accomplish surgery fundamentally in and through interactions with each other, and I feel like I’m looking everything with fresh eyes. Sharon is an excellent companion and colleague as she knows the life in theatres very well and also quickly notes and responds if a nurse needs a hand with something. I remain conscious and watch where I put myself so as not to stand in the wrong place or be mistaken for a nurse!



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