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Tuesday 12th June 2012 08:30 We didn’t arrive until a little later today as we felt we had been too early yesterday and didn’t want to be waiting unnecessarily again. As we arrived we saw a few familiar faces who we waved at which was a nice feeling and meant that we didn’t feel so intrusive to the environment anymore. We stopped to talk to the ODP we had met yesterday and he was telling us about the cases that had happened after we had left the day before.

After we had changed into scrubs we decided to see if we could spend some time in the orthopaedic theatres. Two were running simultaneously. I saw a nurse in the adjoining store room and introduced myself and asked if we could spend some time with them. She advised me of the nurse’s name in the theatre and that it shouldn’t be a problem.

We entered the theatre and the operation was just commencing so we quickly introduced ourselves and stood back out of the way. We had to wear led gowns as x-rays were being taken and Terhi couldn’t believe how heavy they were.

In this theatre everyone had to wear masks due to infection control and this made the communication aspect even more interesting to watch. The difference in how the radiographer interacted with the rest of the ‘team’ was also unique and something that I had noticed myself when I was a scrub nurse.

Now that I felt more settled in the environment, I found myself reverting back to a nursing role. In particular, I was concerned about aspects such as doors being left open, therefore affecting the air ventilation system. I quickly recognised this tendency and reminded myself of my new role within the theatre environment.

During the operation we were able to speak with the anaesthetist and also the circulator about the project. Whilst the surgeon was plastering the patients’ leg we also discussed with him what the project was about and he appeared very keen with lots of questions.

We said our goodbyes again and one of the nurses stopped us to ask when we would be back again. We told him soon and gave him the website address. It was nice that he was so friendly and enthusiastic about our return.

Please see the theatre diaries page of this website for all of the diary entries.



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