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Thursday 7th June 2012 10:00 & 14:30 Today we met the theatre team member we missed last week. It was a brief meeting and she was very pleasent and gave us some good ideas regarding the research project. She was intrigued to learn I had previously been a theatre practitioner. Once we began discussing this it became apparent that we had both worked at the same hospital albeit at different times. From this we were able to compare stories and thoughts on that particular hospital.

I asked her if there was anything in particular she was concerned about with our undertaking of the project. She advised that as I had been a theatre nurse she was happy that I understood all the “housekeeping rules” and that I could pass this knowledge onto my colleague. She also introduced us to another team member, whom advised that they could introduce us to different teams on different days.

Our theatre link advised us of the theatre audit that would be taking place in July and asked asked if we would like to do a talk for it. This was a fantastic opportunity for us to get to meet a large number of the theatre teams at once, get our faces recognised and promote the project, so a date was booked.

Later that day we were introduced to another team member who worked at a different theatre site, she also had some good ideas for our project and a date was booked for a visit to the theatres where she worked. She too was intrigued to learn I was a nurse with a background in theatres and we also had a short discussion regarding this.

Please see the theatre diaries page of this website for all of the diary entries.



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